Windows 8 store stuck on loading screen

Lately I encountered some problems with the Windows Store in Windows 8. The app starts, but it gets stuck on the loading screen. This problem is mentioned a lot, but the solution which worked for me was a bit hard to find.

  1. Open the Task manager (right click the task bar).
  2. Kill the Store app and the Store Broker service. The last one might not be running.
  3. Open the File manager and navigate to:

    Replace [username] with your username. The [garbage] tag can be different sometimes, so navigate to it manually.

  4. Rename the Cache folder to CacheTemp

    Sometimes renaming isn’t possible because Windows complains the path is too long. To fix this, open a command prompt (WIN+R and cmd) and type: subst t: followed by the path at step 3. Then navigate to the new drive (t:) and type: rename Cache CacheTemp.

  5. Create a new folder named Cache.
  6. Start the Windows Store to see if it helped.

9 Replies to “Windows 8 store stuck on loading screen”

  1. Brilliant… Searched on google for hours and only your solution worked…

    Thanks a lot friend!!

  2. You’ve made my Day!!! I tried all the stuff i saw : troubleshooter ; sfc /scannow ; the erasing store cache option ; a couple of commands in the CMD and non worked. To say that it was so easy to correct that… Thank you so much!!! First time i wrtie something in a forum for a solution but this one is working!!

  3. Thank you! Other website were just posting the same steps, and you offered something different what actually worked!

    1. Franklyn, the problem can have multiple causes and solutions. Check the Windows Store after each possible solution:

      1. Make sure the date and time on the computer are correct (use the internet time to be sure)

      2. Clear the stores cache. Hit the Windows key + R. Then type wsreset.exe.

      3. Run the AppDiag which you can download from:

      4. Try the solution at WinAero:

      Please let us now if any of this solved it for you!

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