Laravel 5 quick-tip: Get the HTML and Form builder back

In Laravel 5 the HTML and Form builder got removed because it shouldn’t be in the core of the framework. I can see their point there, but if you are upgrading your project it would be a lot of work to change all those calls. So I want to get the HTML and form builder back. The Laravel Collective maintains (and improve) packages which are removed from Laravel. The HTML and Form package from them is preferred over the illuminate/html package, because it’s better maintained. So let’s add their package to our Laravel installation.

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Laravel 5 quick-tip: Change the public directory

Currently I’m converting my Laravel 4 application to Laravel 5. When finding tricks or goofs I will post it to this blog.

One of the first thing I’m doing after installing Laravel is changing the public directory. In Laravel 4 it was pretty straight forward, just edit the bootstrap/paths.php. Unfortunately in Laravel 5 it’s a bit more tricky, but not that hard either.

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Howto: fix Microsoft Sculpt keyboard sticky keys

After using the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard and the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with a lot of love, I recently switched to the Microsoft Sculpt Desktop kit. I needed to get used to the new mouse and keyboard, but after a while I loved both of them. Unfortunately I experienced some problems with the keyboard. Especially when playing some simple games I encountered the keys of the keyboard where getting “stuck”. With “stuck” I mean, when not pressing the keys anymore, the computer still thinks I’m pressing the key. Luckily after some troubleshooting I found the solution.

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