View XPath results in Google Chrome

After using Firefox for a while because of the many useful addons for developers, I recently switched to Google Chrome. I just got annoyed with the time it takes to start Firefox. So I decided to test Google Chrome for a while and start searching for replacement extensions or other ways to achieve the same results as my Firefox configuration.

One of the many extensions I use on a regular basis is Firefinder. It’s an addon for the Firebug addon which enables me to view the results of an XPath which I need for a crawler. There are a few extensions available like Xpath Helper, but I also found out this can be achieved without any extension!

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Opera 11.60

Gister is alweer Opera 11.60 uitgekomen, de release notes alleen al zijn een reden om deze prachtige browsers eens een kans te geven:

  1. You clean everything to prepare for the holiday, why not your computer?
  2. No assembly required; it’s all in the download package.
  3. It is free, a deal year-round, rather than a Black Friday doorbuster.
  4. Unlike socks, this fits everyone.
  5. We tried not to say it, so we misspelled it: IT’S FSAT.
  6. Justin Bieber doesn’t use it.
  7. It’s supported by science since version 10 (at least):
  8. Your kids won’t wake you up at the crack of dawn Christmas morning; they’ll be too busy with the browser.
  9. See #6.
  10. Your current browser is so fat it can’t slide down the chimney.