View XPath results in Google Chrome

After using Firefox for a while because of the many useful addons for developers, I recently switched to Google Chrome. I just got annoyed with the time it takes to start Firefox. So I decided to test Google Chrome for a while and start searching for replacement extensions or other ways to achieve the same results as my Firefox configuration.

One of the many extensions I use on a regular basis is Firefinder. It’s an addon for the Firebug addon which enables me to view the results of an XPath which I need for a crawler. There are a few extensions available like Xpath Helper, but I also found out this can be achieved without any extension!

Viewing XPath results

  1. Open up the document on which you want to test an XPath
  2. Hit the F12 key for the developer tools panel or right click on the document and click “Inspect element”
  3. In the developers tools panel click on the Console tabChrome Developer Tools - Console
  4. In the console there are many features. One of them is for XPaths. Type:

    And hit the enter key. Replace XPATH with the XPath you want to test

  5. The result is an array which contains the elements. Hovering one of the results will show the element visually on the page too.Chrome Developer Tools - Xpath results

Really easy to use, has a lot of features and without using an extension. Thumbs up for Google Chrome on this!

For more information about the Google Chrome Console, see: Command Line API Reference