XPath select parent by child attribute

As mentioned in an earlier blogpost I’m using the XML parser for a crawler. Most of the sources are well formatted and easy to read. Unfortunately not all sources are the easy to use. For one source I needed the parent element but could only select it by the attribute of a child element. I thought it would be possible to select the parent by using XPath but I needed to figure out how.

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View XPath results in Google Chrome

After using Firefox for a while because of the many useful addons for developers, I recently switched to Google Chrome. I just got annoyed with the time it takes to start Firefox. So I decided to test Google Chrome for a while and start searching for replacement extensions or other ways to achieve the same results as my Firefox configuration.

One of the many extensions I use on a regular basis is Firefinder. It’s an addon for the Firebug addon which enables me to view the results of an XPath which I need for a crawler. There are a few extensions available like Xpath Helper, but I also found out this can be achieved without any extension!

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