Howto: fix Microsoft Sculpt keyboard sticky keys

After using the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard and the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with a lot of love, I recently switched to the Microsoft Sculpt Desktop kit. I needed to get used to the new mouse and keyboard, but after a while I loved both of them. Unfortunately I experienced some problems with the keyboard. Especially when playing some simple games I encountered the keys of the keyboard where getting “stuck”. With “stuck” I mean, when not pressing the keys anymore, the computer still thinks I’m pressing the key. Luckily after some troubleshooting I found the solution.

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Windows 8.1: How to remove libary folders from This PC

There are a lot of complaints about Windows 8.1, but I actually think the new UI is a good move. Hopefully the eco-system will continue to expand and improve. Although there are some things I don’t like, the new “This PC” layout is one thing I love but at the 8.1 update they added the libary folders. Those folders aren’t much of a use for me, my pc is mostly used for development. Unfortunately there is no option anywhere available to disable this behavior, but with the registry we can achieve this.

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Check register for specific key or value from a batch file

Batch files are well known for managing and configuring client computers. Most of the system administrators are creating batch files on a regular basis for completing tasks for which they otherwise be doing them manually and therefore taking up a lot of time.

Recently I was requested to check if all the client computers were running a program on startup.

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